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Will you help me Make C. diff Count?

It’s a problem of invisibility. And we can solve it. You may be surprised to learn the words “Clostridium difficile” do not appear on my mother Peggy’s death certificate. They are all over her medical records and her autopsy. But, in cutting through the government red tape of getting Mom’s autopsy, we learned how often C. diff isn’t even  counted. Watch this video to learn more:

Our mother Peggy believed that information is power and that with the right information we can fight to make the world a better place.That’s what people have done in response to public health crises from breast cancer to AIDS to drunk driving. And that’s what we will be doing with the Make C. diff Count campaign. To kick it off, we’ve set a goal to raise $20,000 by the end of the year. Your support is critical right now. Please join us.



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