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Over the past thirteen years, PLF has made enormous strides in raising C. diff awareness and fighting for better prevention and treatment.

16 Million

Our fourth annual “See C. diff” campaign reached 16 million people through coverage in many prominent outlets, including Forbes, the AARP blog, and multiple podcasts.


PLF has the largest network of C. diff patients, survivors and caregivers, including our Advocates Council.

Lobby Day Advocates


Since 2018, PLF has convened five Lobby Days, resulting in greater funding for public health and language requesting increased surveillance for C. diff in the 2023 Federal Budget.

Program Focus

Making C. diff Count

Peggy Lillis Foundation believes that every American who is harmed or dies from a healthcare-associated infection (HAI), including C. diff infections, deserves to be counted. Because of gaps in infection and mortality reporting at the state and federal levels, tens of thousands of Americans are not included in official estimates.

PLF is leading a coalition of people, nonprofits and industry partners to ensure that every death and every infection is counted. In short, we aim to make C. diff and other HAIs COUNT.


More than 2,000 Americans have signed our petition to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to designate C. diff as a Nationally Notifiable Disease.

2015 Advocates


PLF has trained more than 60 C. diff survivors and caregivers to serve as members of our Advocates Council. Our Advocates engage in lobbying, peer support, awareness raising, and media outreach.

Care and Nutrition Guide


More than 1,000 people have downloaded our C. diff Care and Lifestyle & Nutrition Guides.

Public Service Announcement

2021 See C. diff PSA

In 2011, Peggy Lillis Foundation released the first-ever PSA about C. diff infections. Since then we’ve released multiple videos including a new PSA in 2021, which has been viewed over 300,000 times. 

$2.2 Million

PLF has raised more than $2.2 Million for C. diff awareness and advocacy.


Conducted the inaugural FDA C. diff patient listening session.


165 C. diff survivors or caregivers have shared their story with PLF.