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Partners in prevention and treatment

Healthcare workers, from physicians and nurses to administrators and environmental services staff, are on the front lines of the fight against C. diff infections (CDIs).

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Our Allies in the Fight

Next to CDI sufferers and their caregivers, healthcare workers are the chief witnesses to this terrible disease and vital allies in our fight to make CDIs rare, treatable, and preventable.

Peggy Lillis Foundation collaborates with clinicians and researchers to achieve our shared goal of safe patient care. Below are resources you can use to help your patients and examples of how we can collaborate. We also welcome additional ideas from prospective partners.

Patient Education Materials

C. diff Awareness Month Fact Sheet

As part of our ongoing public awareness work, we run an annual monthlong campaign in November called See C. diff to commemorate “C. diff Awareness Month.” You can download our fact sheet below.

Patient Brochures

Download our “What You Need to Know About C. diff” in English and Spanish below.

Patient Guides

Peggy Lillis Foundation offers two free educational guides for C. diff patients. Our C. diff Care Guide contains information to understand how to be diagnosed, what treatments are available, what to expect in the case of a severe or recurrent infection, and much more. Our Lifestyle and Nutrition Guide shows how patients can nourish themselves while battling the infection, manage the mental and emotional strain from a CDI, and replenish their gut microbiome, including 20 recipes developed by C. diff survivors.

Sponsored by Bio-K Plus, a Kerry Company, the guides were developed in consultation with C. diff survivors and caregivers and reviewed for medical accuracy by PLF’s Scientific Advisory Council.

Please choose one or both of the buttons below to request each of the guides, and you’ll receive an email with a link to download the guide you requested.

Clinical Education

Four Moments of Antibiotic Decision-Making

The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) recently released a new online series, Safety Program for Improving Antibiotic Use, which aims to improve antibiotic use in acute, long-term, and ambulatory care settings by enhancing antibiotic stewardship programmatic activities and engaging frontline providers to incorporate stewardship into routine clinical practice using the Four Moments of Antibiotic Decision Making. PLF helped develop this tool and recommends it to all healthcare workers.

FDA recurrent CDI Patient Listening Session

On March 10, 2023, PLF participated in the first-ever Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Patient Listening Session for C. diff. Speaking were seven C. diff survivors, three C. diff caregivers, and one clinician. In addition, 70 FDA staff from 26 offices/divisions across four FDA Centers attended. Insights from the Listening Session help inform regulatory decisions and improve the safety and effectiveness of C. diff treatments. 

Exposing C. diff Myths

Depending on when and where clinicians trained, they may have little experience with C. diff infections. This often results in doctors, nurses, and other providers holding on to myths about the infection. Check out the facts here. You can also download the facts. Our downloadable “C. diff Myths” can be a useful tool in educating yourself or your colleagues about the current state of C. diff.

Presentations and Workshops

PLF leads presentations and workshops for healthcare workers across the country. Recent partners include Making A Difference in Infectious Diseases, the World AMR Congress, and the National Quality Forum. Our co-founders and national network of advocates offer presentations on a variety of C. diff-related issues, including:

  • Igniting Citizen and Healthcare Collaboration to Fight C. diff
  • Lessons from Peggy’s Story
  • Think of Zebras not Horses: The evolving C. diff patient profile
  • Effective Policy Advocacy for C. diff Patients: What’s Required?

We can also tailor presentations to meet your learning objectives. Please contact us to discuss.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

PLF has a large and ever-growing base of CDI sufferers, survivors, and caregivers committed to developing new preventatives and treatments. We work with academics and industry to raise awareness of clinical trials nationwide. National trials are on our Clinical Trials page, with smaller trials searchable through our In Your State database.

If you have a clinical trial underway, please contact us so we can include it.

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Public Policy

PLF works on various public policy issues related to CDIs, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and other patient safety concerns. We need healthcare workers to join us in these efforts. To do so, please check out our Take Action page.