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Shining a Light on C. diff: An Interview with Christian John Lillis on #HCBiz

Our Executive Director, Christian John Lillis, was recently featured on the podcast #HCBiz. Listen in as he talks about C. diff and what the Peggy Foundation is doing to make C. diff infections rare, treatable, and survivable.

This episode discusses exactly what C. diff is, the importance of hand hygiene in infection prevention, the lack of awareness surrounding C. diff and much more.

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#HCBiz is a practical podcast on the business of healthcare. The premise behind #HCBiz is that we can’t “just innovate”. Sure, you may have a great idea, an all-star team and execute flawlessly, but if you don’t understand the complex dynamics of the healthcare business you’ll never get traction. They’ll identify the issues that impede change, explain why they exist and find ways to work with them, through them, or around them. In short, they help create space for innovation.



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