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We did it! We reached millions of people during C. diff Awareness Month!

November 2022 marked our most successful “See C. diff” campaign ever! We smashed our goals, reaching more than 16 million people during C. diff Awareness month. This unprecedented reach resulted from media coverage by major outlets and the help of people like you.

Lack of awareness is a huge obstacle for preventing C. diff, and for getting quickly diagnosed and treated. We continue to hear every day from people who first hear the term “C. diff” when they or a loved one is diagnosed. They were unaware that antibiotics or antacids could make them vulnerable to an even worse infection. Or, they weren’t aware that being in a hospital or nursing home greatly increases their risk for C. diff.

We started our “See C. diff” campaign in 2019 to generate broad public awareness of this preventable but often life-threatening infection. In just four years, we’ve increased our reach two-hundredfold, from 80,000 our first year to over 16 million people this November.

See C. diff Results

As we grow in scale, we’re shifting from an emphasis on social media to focus on mainstream outlets for earned media coverage. Our major wins in earned media this November included features by Forbes, CIDRAP, Livestrong, STAT News, CDC, and many others. We are grateful to Kafka Media Group for helping us generate so much coverage of C. diff.

Thanks to years of advocating at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), their increased involvement in C. diff Awareness Month this year contributed to over 9 million reached with the hashtag #cdiffawarenessmonth, almost double the reach in November 2021.

See C. diff Webinars

On November 11, we hosted a webinar with Bryn Nelson, PhD to talk about his new book “Flush: The Remarkable Science of an Unlikely Treasure.” The book features an examination of fecal microbiota transplants (FMTs), Peggy’s story, and anecdotes from our 2020 “C. diff is a Drag” Gala. Thanks to Bryn, more people are discovering the science (and stigma) of poop, and becoming aware of C. diff.

See C. diff Treated

We laud the recent decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ novel live biotherapeutic product, REBYOTA™ for the treatment of recurrent C. diff infections (rCDI).

PLF is proud to be a long-time partner of Ferring. We have long advocated for the necessity of new treatments such as REBYOTA and others likely to be approved in 2023.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we still need to go further. If you want to help us raise C. diff Awareness year-round, please donate today.


We are endlessly grateful to our generous sponsors, organizational partners, and everyone who shared a story, retweeted, liked or commented on our content throughout C. diff Awareness Month.

Together, we will see C. diff defeated.

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