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“See C. diff” Campaign Leads Awareness Month Outreach

Since November 1, Peggy Lillis Foundation’s second annual “See C. diff” campaign has exploded on social media. As of November 18, we have reached more than double the number of people we did in the entire month of November 2019 (180,000 versus 80,000). In terms of impressions (the number of times anyone sees our content) we have already far surpassed our overall 2019 reach (365,000 versus 250,000). We are well on our way to meeting our goal of raising C. diff awareness among at least 250,000 people by month’s end.

See C. diff Visualizations

We are grateful to our incredible Advocates Council, who are building grassroots awareness; our generous organizational partners, who have been critical in reaching new people; and the campaign’s sponsors, whose financial support make this all possible. This year, we made a modest investment in online advertising to reach new audiences and it’s been a great success. We started with ads on Facebook and Instagram and recently added YouTube.

In addition to raw numbers, PLF has been leading the public conversation about C. diff Awareness Month. According to our social media tracker, PLF’s Facebook page is number two in total engagement for #cdiffawarenessmonth, and our Instagram is number five. This is critical to using social media as a medium. Several of our posts have hundreds of comments, with people asking about C. diff and survivors, family members and healthcare workers stepping in to educate them in real-time.

Similarly, our sub-campaign “You Know C. diff” has had a huge impact this year. We are grateful to the C. diff survivors and family members for sharing their stories.

We’ve added an advocacy element to this year’s campaign with a petition asking the Centers for Disease Control to designate C. diff as a Nationally Notifiable Disease (NND). NND designation would close the gaps in public reporting of C. diff, helping to raise awareness and allowing communities to know when there’s an outbreak Please sign and share the petition with your network.

And, the month isn’t over! You can join “See C. diff” right now by visiting and sharing information within your networks.

Together, we can raise C. diff Awareness and save lives.

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