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Peggy Lillis Foundation Featured On ContagionLive

Peggy Lillis Foundation Executive Director, Christian John Lillis, was interviewed by ContagionLive, a renowned platform for infectious disease news and information. The interview focused on the highly successful National C. diff Advocacy Summit and Lobby Day, highlighting the Foundation’s vital work in raising awareness and advocating for the prevention and treatment of C. diff infections. During the interview, Christian discussed the significance of the C. diff Summit and Lobby Day as a platform to unite healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and advocates in the fight against this challenging infection. He emphasized the urgency of addressing C. diff through education, research, and policy changes to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

ContagionLive’s recognition of our efforts underscores the growing recognition and impact of the Peggy Lillis Foundation’s mission. Through our collaborative initiatives, we aim to amplify the voices of patients and their families, healthcare providers, and researchers, while promoting evidence-based approaches to tackle C. diff infections, antimicrobial resistance, and infectious disease.

You can watch the full interview on the ContagionLive Website.


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