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November is C. diff Awareness Month!

November is C. diff Awareness Month. Peggy Lillis Foundation is looking forward to working with you to raise awareness of this growing public health threat. The C. diff Foundation established November as our shared awareness month a couple of years ago. PLF is excited to be joining them, the Mayo Clinic and several leading companies in spending November educating the public about C. diff.

You may be asking why an awareness month is so important. Low public awareness of C. diff infections makes it difficult to prevent, diagnose and treat them. Many people don’t learn about C. diff until they or a loved one have been diagnosed. That’s too late for prevention.

According to a 2018 poll, 2/3 of Americans have never heard of C. diff. This is despite it being the most common healthcare associated infection (HAI)! As you may know, this disease is responsible for more deaths than HIV/AIDS or drunk driving.

That’s why throughout November, we’re asking for you to help us increase C. diff awareness any way you can. PLF will be sharing tips and information throughout the month. But you can get started right now!

Three Ways to Raise C. diff Awareness!

Post information about C. diff on social media. PLF has lots of infographics, C. diff stories and videos that you can share right now to help us raise awareness. Take a moment today to share some information and tell your network why C. diff awareness is so important to you. Make sure to use the hashtag #cdiffawarenessmonth so we can find your posts.

Tell Your Story! The movement for marriage equality for same-gender couples was spurred on largely by people coming out and sharing their stories. Being that vulnerable did and continues to take guts. The more people that come forward to share how C. diff impacted them or their family, the more our friends and colleagues recognize the need to fight this disease. Please visit our website now to tell your story.

Take the Pledge to Make C. diff Count! Only 20 states mandate that C. diff infection rates be publicly reported. And most of those laws only apply to hospitals. Given that around 25% of all C. diff infections are now occurring in the community, we need greatly increased reporting to fight this epidemic. Click here to take the pledge.

Later this month… 

US Antibiotics Awareness Week is November 12-18, 2018. Led by Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, USAAW is an annual observance that raises awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic use. Check out the USAAW website for ways to get involved! 

Music Matters 2018. If you’re in New York City, please join us on November 15th at The Cutting Room, for a concert to raise awareness and funds to fight C. diff. 

More ways to Raise C. diff Awareness. PLF will be releasing new content throughout the month. Join us on social media to see if first!

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