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Introducing the “7 Days of Peggy”

This coming Saturday, April 21, will be the second anniversary of my mother, Peggy’s, death from a clostridium difficile infection. It’s hard to describe our world without Mom. When she first died, we were in shock and the grief was vast, like an unfamiliar landscape fraught with danger.

Being surrounded by others who loved and missed her helped; the benefit having Mom’s large family around is that we were never alone in our grief. Over time, the pain has become less acute. Often it feels like a strange absence. At family gatherings, I find myself scanning the room for her to share a nod or funny facial expression. When I’m holding my Godmother’s grandchildren, Emmitt and Madeline, I look to pass them over to her so she can make them giggle.

All I have to do to feel really happy, is think about all the children in our family, among friends and in her classes whose lives Mom made better.

All I have to do to feel inconsolable is think about all the children who have come into our lives in the past two years who will only know her through pictures and stories.

But Mom wouldn’t want me or anyone to dwell on her death and her loss. In fact, she always told me and Liam that when she died she wanted us to celebrate her life instead of mourning.

And what a life it was!

So for the next 7 days we will be sharing stories, pictures and videos that celebrate our mother’s life as we recognize this painful anniversary and recommit ourselves to keeping her memory alive through the foundation’s work. I encourage you to join us by:

  1. Sharing your own stories and pictures of Peggy in the comments section of this blog
  2. Adding the new “See C. diff” banner as the cover photo on your Facebook timeline/profile. (To add the banner click here, download the photo and upload it to the “Cover Photo” section on your timeline. You can find Facebook’s directions for adding a “Cover Photo” here
  3. Watch our public service announcement and share with your friends and loved ones on your social networks.

I hope those of you who knew our mother will enjoy reminiscing and sharing your memories. For those who didn’t know Peggy, I hope you enjoy learning about her over the next week.



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