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Dexter Family Turns Loss Into Activism

In late May, Stefanie Dexter reached out to us with sad news that her mother-in-law, Judith, had succumbed to C. diff. She said that having lost their family matriarch, they wanted to do what they could to raise awareness.

Judy Dexter’s story is sadly common. She was admitted to the hospital in December 2012 for difficulty breathing. Upon learning that she had a lung infection, Judy was prescribed antibiotics. Three days later, she was suffering from persistent diarrhea. The following six months were hellish for the Dexter family as they struggled to save the woman they considered the “family matriarch.” It’s well-worth reading the entire story to see how fiercely they fought to save Judy, who ultimately succumbed to C. diff on May 3o, 2013.

Initially, the Dexters wanted to submit Judy’s story to be shared as part of our ongoing “C. diff Stories” series. But before we could even get Judy’s story on our website, donations in her memory began appearing through our website. They Dexters had requested that Judy’s loved ones make gifts to the Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation in lieu of flowers.

In total, 11 families and friends of Judy donated to PLMF. Their generosity in memory of this obviously beloved woman helps us to continue our work to raise awareness and advocate for a day when stories like Judy’s are rare or nonexistent.

The Dexters are continuing their activism in collaborating with doctors in Maryland to raise money and awareness. Please read Judy’s story and share it so we can educate others and save lives.

Judy Dexter’s C. diff Story

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