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CBS Evening News features PLF Advocate in CDC Report Coverage

Everyone at Peggy Lillis Foundation (PLF) is very proud of our advocate and C. diff survivor Maryann Webb for her frank and compelling interview on the November 13, 2019 edition of CBS Evening News. Maryann’s story provides a face to the recent Antibiotic Resistant Threats Report.

“The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a new report Wednesday warning that superbugs that resist antibiotics have killed nearly twice as many people as previously thought.

Maryann Webb spent three years in unending pain, hooked up to feeding tubes, with frequent hospitalizations, all caused by an out of control bacterial infection called C. difficile that caused severe colitis.

“You can’t eat. You can’t talk. You can’t walk. And hope definitely starts to fade,” Webb said.

At one point she got her affairs in order, certain she would not survive.

“I remember just crying to myself, I was just saying, please, I would just wanna leave now,” Webb said.”

Watch the segment here. 

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