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Advocates Council members share their C. diff Stories [Video]

In August 2015, we hosted the first-ever Advocate Summit for C. diff survivors and family members who are committed to fulfilling the Peggy Lillis Foundation of a world where clostridium difficile infections are rare, treatable and survivable. While at the Summit, 10 of our new advocates sat down to share how C. diff impacted their lives, the difficulties they faced in getting diagnosed and treated, and their reasons for joining the Advocates Council.

The videos capture not just C. diff’s health impacts but also the social and economic challenges faced by survivors and the families of those we’ve lost. We are incredibly thankful to each of these advocates for the bravery and vulnerability they display in speaking so candidly about their experiences.

If you want to join the Advocates Council, please visit the Advocacy section of our website to learn more and apply.

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