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7 Days of Peggy: “What Happened to Peggy?” Video

Of all the videos that we’ve made, this is the hardest one for me to watch. Reliving the last week of our mother’s life is just enormously painful.

But, it does make me incredibly proud – as I’m sure it does our mother – to watch Liam’s determination to tell our mother’s story, despite not being very comfortable with public speaking.

I like to think that in watching how close her death brought me and Liam that Mom is smiling and filled with pride. When we would fight as kids, Mom would settle us down and then make us sit right next to each other.

“All you have in this world is each other”, she would say. “One day, I’ll be gone and you don’t have 7 other siblings to choose from like I did growing up. You have to love each other and take care of each other.”

While I’m certain she expected it to matter much later in our lives, Mom’s commitment to Liam and I having a close and strong relationship has certainly paid off.

Please do watch this video and share it with others. It’s full of potentially life saving information.

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