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Canvas Rebel: Meet Christian John Lillis

Peggy Lillis Foundation Executive Director, Christian John Lillis, was interviewed by Canvas Rebel, an online magazine that features interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners. In the interview, Christian dives into the history of Peggy Lillis Foundation and how the organization’s evolution has brought it to where it is today.

“Our society does not give people permission or space to grieve. Instead, we’re expected to take our three days off and return to work as if we’re fine. For me, some losses are so incalculable and devastating that you’ll never be the person you were before that loss. In some ways, PLF is an ongoing act of publicly mourning my mother, permitting others to mourn how C. diff or other infectious diseases have damaged and destabilized their lives.”

He goes on to explore what it was like to grow up as part of a large family, how he has been able to build a stellar reputation within his field, and what it’s like to manage a nonprofit team. You can read the full article here.