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Our Funders

Peggy Lillis Foundation is grateful to all of our generous supporters.






$10,000 – $24,999

$5,000 – $9,999


Members of Peggy’s Patrons donor society make unrestricted commitments of $300 or more annually through a recurring donation ($25 or more per month) or one-time gift which ensures our ability to provide resources, education, training, and support all year long. Giving society members are also eligible for special benefits to show our appreciation for their support.

$1,200 +

Helen Beigel, RN

Eileen Collins

Robert Daly

Randy Demeyers

Dr. Carl Flatley

Dr. Paul Feuerstadt

Joan Rothchild Hardin, PhD

Nina Hill, PhD

Andrew Karpen

Nicole Mahoney, PhD & Omar Chavez

Ira Platt

Jeffrey Pollack, JD

Thomas & Katie Reynolds

Marc Scarduffa

Catherine Williams

$300 +

Dr. Amy Barto

Cynthia & Jarrett Bens

Kevin Brennan

Dr. Lisa Brown

Dr. Denice Cardo

Jeanette Carneglia

Anna Cannelongo

Mahmood Dadvand

Charles Dexter

Rich & Karen Dexter

Eileen DiBenedetto

Dr. Stephen Dillon

Jan Feuerstadt

Raquel Gabriel-Bennewitz

Drs. Bruce & Susan Hirsch

Mary Howard

MaryAnn Kinsella-Meier

Brian Levitt & B Stephen Lee

Liam, Melissa & Greyson Lillis

Christian John Lillis & Chris Young

Kathleen & Kevin McCartney

Mary Mielczarek

Shad Mohammed

Victoria & Scott Newman

Jason & Susanna Rea

Kelly Reveles

Steven Shapiro

Alicia Skovera & Heather Guthrie

Bob & Ann Tracey/Tracey Real Estate

Carl & Patricia Schanstra

Jeff & Melinda Young